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Nismo Skyline GT-R

Powerful view.

Transparent Hood.

Gear shifter and Hand Brake.

Rear Speaker System, 4 units Bass and 1 unit Sub-woofer.

Centre view, Windows portion.

NOS system, 2 units.

Driver sit view.

Front Grille with GT-R logo.
Intercooler, with Blitz logo.

Transparent Hood with Nismo logo on it.

Engine compartment.

Rear Lights, with Third Brake Light. Nissan logo, GT-R and SKYLINE badge.

Rear Wing.

Left side view, from rear to front.

Left side view, from Front to Rear.

Open Hood full view.

Full Left side view.

Full Right side view.

Back full Left side view.

Close-up Left rear view.

Front full view.

Top Full view.

Front Left full view.